Litigation (Civil and Criminal)

litigation_thumbThe practice of law deals with settlement of disputes between parties and the Nigerian legal environment is still largely litigation driven. Our chambers in realization of this have well trained, articulate and vastly experienced professionals to cater for the needs of our clients in this area of law. We undertake civil and criminal litigations by representing diverse clients including individuals and corporate bodies from various parts of the country.

In the emerging areas of civil and criminal litigation especially issues of computer generated evidence, front loading of materials in civil cases, plea bargaining, money laundering and other economic crimes, our chambers have a crop of well trained and highly intelligent legal practitioners with cutting edge advantages to appropriately and adequately deal with these issues.

Our chambers is well and properly positioned to provide legal representation in all the novel areas of the law and indeed have represented a vast number of clientele in areas of chieftaincy disputes, land disputes, garnishee proceedings, theft, stealing, money laundering and such other matters across the various courts in Nigeria and has in the process garnered sufficient experience and expertise to deal with such and other matters.