Election Petition

lawGovernance is a major issue in development of any nation and the only way for leaders to emerge is through periodic elections. In fact, it is now acknowledged that the distinguishing factor between democracy and other forms of governance is periodic election. In Nigeria, electoral issues have taken the forefront of our justice administration. The issues are pre-election, election and post-election procedures.

In realization of this emerging field, our chambers decided to be trained in this very unique green field and we are now well versed in the nitty-gritty of the various processes and procedure of electoral umpires at the trial and appellate levels. Our chambers is indeed well grounded in the various laws both substantive and procedural. Presently we now have young and energetic young, promising and up coming lawyers who are now experts in this field of law. The Principal in Chambers actually did his Ph.D dissertation on the Court of Appeal and the determination of election petition where the jurisprudence of election petition in Nigeria was given a thorough, in-depth and painstaking analysis. This actually represent one of the major contributions to this area of law in Nigeria.

Our office has represented various political office seekers in pre and post election matters in all the various courts in Nigeria including the Supreme Court.