arbitration_lawDispute is an inevitable outcome of interactions among different individuals and litigation has since been one of the well-established and proven ways of resolving disputes right from time immemorial up till the present time. Litigation has however been shown to be disadvantageous for many reasons. For instance, cost of litigation can be so high; an atmosphere of enmity is often created after litigation; litigation takes a whole lot of time to complete; the Nigerian courts are often over-worked; among several other reasons.

It is as a result of the above challenges of litigation that we at Wahab Egbewole and Co, in addition to litigation, embrace alternative dispute resolutions particularly arbitration as one of the ways of resolving our clients' disputes. This option gives our numerous clientele the opportunity of using experts in the various fields of likely subject matters that may arise between them and third parties. Less time are consumed and the all-important friendly relations existing between parties pre-disputes are maintained.

We have successffully handled various arbitration proceedings on behalf of some of our clients while some cases are presently before the High Court for the appointment of arbitrators.

Our firm has been retained as counsel and we have also facilitated and represent our clients in arbitration proceedings dealing with high value commercial disputes.